2017 Peace Haven HorseMindShip™                         Classes, Private Sessions and Special Events


FREE Seminar/Demonstration:    Saturday, April 29, 2017 ~ 10:00-4:00

Demonstration:   “The Chemistry of Connection” Retreat Weekend:  Friday, June 16-18  ~~  The Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY 

Ground Driving Workshop:  Saturday, June 24, 2017  ~ 10:00-4:00                         

Ground Driving Workshop:  Saturday, August 5, 2017  ~ 10:00-4:00

Adult Day Class Series:   Six Classes per Series  ~  May thru October 

Private Sessions:   Your home or our School


All Events, except for the Garrison weekend retreat, are held at Peace Haven Horsemanship and Riding School  ~~  71 Pleasant Street, Plainfield, MA


DEMONSTRATIONS take place at a host farm or home. Student(s) may be experiencing a specific problem(s) with the relationship between them and their horse. Each participating student comes with a horse.   RJ identifies and explains the horse’s behavior and feelings. Then shows/teaches the student how to change their presentation/behaviors to help their horse. Most times, things may not be fixed during one Demo, but it is a beginning. Auditors are welcome and can benefit from watching the Demo.

CLINICS take place in a safe arena.  This is the type of event where you come with your horse to be “diagnosed” or “assessed” so that you can “treat” issues that may exist with you or your horse.  Clinics can be “Ground Training”, “Focused Riding”, “Bridleless Riding”, “Camping With Your Horse” or “Trail Obstacle”, as well as other themes.  You can expect to have the “root cause” of your issues discovered and a solution taught to you.  There will be a lot of new information presented and practiced so you may begin to understand and learn the concepts.

WORKSHOPS take place in a safe arena.  A workshop is an event where you would come with your horse to practice and perfect skills in riding, training and horsemanship.  You will leave with a high degree of mastery of specific skills.

RJ Sadowski is a CHA certified, MA Licensed, insured instructor and official trainer for The Mustang Heritage Foundation.  He is a valuable Natural Horsemanship resource. Peace Haven HorseMindShip® is Natural Horsemanship brought to new levels teaching the human to develop a safe and healthy relationship with their horse without using force.  RJ says “Let’s get the humans and the horses’ minds together and learn to “be with” each other!”.  HorseMindShip is “being with” your horse, doing “for” and “with” and not “to” your horse.  The results are truly amazing!

RJ teaches private and group lessons, seminars, demonstrations, clinics and workshops on subjects such as Horse Psychology, Horse Behavior Indicators and Strategies, Colt Starting, Extreme Behavior Solutions, Bridleless Riding.

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Call Paula at 413-634-8800 or email  peacehavenhorsemindship@hotmail.com



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