Wild Mustangs and Colt Starting

As an official trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation, we are doing our part to gentle Mustangs.  The foundation has chosen 300 trainers from around the country to gentle these wild horses, put a foundation on them and find a suitable adoption home.  We are very happy to be chosen to participate in this great program to give these horses a chance to be useful to their new owners.


Above:  The two Mustang Geldings that we are presently working with.

Please feel free to inquire about how you can adopt a Wild Mustang with a little bit or a lot of training on it before arriving at your home. You can do so by contacting us!

Time line for starting a colt and developing a horse:

  • One day old to 2 years old:  Every touch and look would be directed consciously to put a proper foundation on horse including most items on my “Pre-Ride Test” skills keeping in mind physical, mental and emotional development.
  • Spring 2 year old:  20-30 hours of colt starting to riding stage including round pen, language development, sensitization, de-sensitization and first ride at walk, trot and canter for just a few minutes.
    1. Balance sensitization and de-sensitization
    2. Balance Go and Whoa, impusion and willingness
    3. Language is developed for horse to know some body language “words” from human
    4. Horse learns to respect human space
    5. Install foundation for horse and teach human foundation to human; horse passes the “Pre-Ride Test” and human knows how to teach and maintain associated skills.
    6. Horse learns to lead from Zones 1, 2 and 3
  • Fall 2 year old:  Another 20-30 hours review and some short riding for just a few minutes.
  • Spring 3 year old:  Another 20-40 hours of review and riding with rides being less than 1/2 hour in length.
  • Fall 3 year old:  Another 20-40 hours review and riding with rides being 1/2 hour in length.
  • Spring and summer 4 year old:  200 hours ride with job to do, trail rides and regular use, transportation, exert energy.
  • Fall 4 year old:  Horse gets a break with no work.
  • Spring 5 year old:  Do whatever you wish; trail or other specific discipline training.