Natural Horsemanship vs. HorseMindShip™

Webster would define:
Natural: is formed by nature; ‘not artificial’ and ‘easy, unaffected and kind’
Horseman: is a ‘rider or trainer of the horse’

Horse-man-ship: is the rider and the horse riding and/or training together.

“Natural HorseMindShip™”, we could say, is not a science but the art of training and riding horses in a way that is not artificial. It is kind with respect to what is natural to the world in which a horse lives.

It could be argued that for a human to interact with a horse in a way that is natural for the horse would  definitely NOT be natural for the human, as the state of being human and the state of being horse have almost nothing in common. One is the ultimate predator and the other the ultimate prey animal.

HorseMindShip™ is the art of the human understanding his own Personality, state of being, his mind, instincts and behavior then studying and understanding the horse’s Equinality™, state of being, his mind, instincts, behavior and achieving a heightened awareness by the human of the state of being where a horse exists. HorseMindShip™ is achieving a connection, mutual acceptance and meaningful communication between the horse’s mind and the human’s mind. Getting into and communicating with the horse’s mind is the pathway to his heart; exactly what every horse owner dreams of achieving. Problems with horses are not problems with horses; problems with horses are problems with the human’s relationship with the horse! “HorseMindShip™” is the next level of evolution of Natural Horsemanship without the need to use the word “Natural”!  It is an elevated state of being and awareness with a horse.