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2017 HorseMindShip™ Events

The following 2017 Educational Events of Adult Day Classes,  Seminars/Demonstrations and other Horsemanship Events are presented by RJ Sadowski, Jr., CHA Certified and Licensed Riding Instructor, Peace Haven HorseMindShip™


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Saturday, April 29, 2017  ~  11:00-4:00  ~  Bring your lunch

Come one – come all – bring a friend

Peace Haven Horsemanship and Riding School

71 Pleasant Street ~  Plainfield, MA

We have had much success helping humans and horses build good relationships.  If your horse has a behavior you don’t understand and would like help determining the root cause of the behavior, plan to bring him/her to the Demo.

 Contact information below to register to bring a horse

Call RJ at 413-335-7151 or email Paula at 413-634-8800 for details and to register

ADULT GROUP RIDING CLASSES (18 years or older)

Creating Powerful Horse and Rider Partnerships

May 17, 31;  June 20, 24, 28;  July 12, 19;  August 16, 19, 30;  September 13, 28;  October 11, 18

All Classes are from 1:00-4:00 except for June 24,  August 19, September 28, which are from 10:00-1:00

Join one class or several

Whether you are looking to learn the basics or would like to bring your Horsemanship and Riding to a new level, Peace Haven is for you

Call for more information:  413-634-8800 or 413-335-7151

Participate with your horse or one of our herd ~ Beginners Welcome

Call to register:  413-634-8800 or 413-335-7151

GROUND DRIVING WORKSHOP – Check back for date

RJ and Nic - Ground Driving



Ground driving is a fun, effective way to develop communication and understanding with your horse through dialog.    The horse develops confidence by being directed from behind, greatly increasing his confidence and understanding from where you would ride on his back.  The horse is free to move without interference of a rider’s weight, body positions, confusing aids or other distractions that a rider may bring to the experience of communication. 

The feel of the horse and the feel of the human blend into communication and result in an enhanced relationship in the saddle.  The human can see before their eyes the effect of their communication through the reins.  The human will “feel”  the horse’s responses more clearly.

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Front Feet in Pool #2    July 2013 038

Rachelle and Red Cloud Greeting Daddy  9-6-15    431 (1024x768)

Rachelle and Red Cloud on Rocking Bridge  9-6-15  427 (1024x768)


It’s Time to  ~~  RAISE THE BAR ~~  Ground to Saddle

Inquire About Our Powerful Education Program of Day Classes and Private Sessions 

Call now for information and to register for 2017    413-634-8800 or 413-335-7151

Adult Day Classes are a Series of and Commitment to six Classes with the same students in each Series that meet once a month May-October 9:00-5:00.   Due to the fullness of the Classes, as well as the complications involved if students were to switch from one Class to another, it is not feasible for students to change and fit into other Classes.  Classes are held rain or shine.  If it is necessary for Peace Haven to cancel a Class due to severe weather conditions, each student will be notified and a rain date will be offered.




and include Horsemanship on the Ground and Riding Techniques in the Saddle, Fun Obstacle Course, Ground Driving, Trail Rides, Pot Luck Lunch, Fellowship with Like-Minded Horse People and More.   Classes are small with a maximum of six students in each Series.  Each student receives individual attention as well as the opportunity to learn by watching others in their Class.   Our students support and encourage each other.  You may bring your horse or spend the day with one of our lovely herd.     Learn GOOD Horsemanship, Effective Ground and Riding Skills and Get Ready to SUPERCHARGE Your Riding and Your Horse’s PERFORMANCE!  The BEST way to advance your Horsemanship and Riding.

  • Operate the five body parts with suppleness:  head/neck, poll, shoulders, ribs, hindquarters
  • Power steering and follow line of sight
  • Speed control and maintain gait:  if your horse won’t stand still for mounting or walks off before you ask him to, he is changing gait
  • Lightness on the outside and softness on the inside
  • Maneuvers:  rollbacks, side pass, leg yield, turns on hindquarters, front end, super stop and back
  • Collection, head position and straightness
  • Proper use of bits, effective use of reins
  • Ground Driving:  teaches the horse and the human communication through reins which transfers to riding

Ground to Saddle

Was your horse properly started? Is your horse holding you hostage? Does your horse behave in ways that you do not understand (bite, kick, buck, rear, strike, move while mounting/change gaits, walk off before you ask, bolt, difficult to steer, turn his butt to you, need to be tied for saddling, etc.)? Verify when your horse is ready to ride. Prepare your horse to pass a Pre-Ride Checklist for a fun riding experience Learn how to use Training Techniques while respecting the Spiritual Nature of the horse Learn how to replace unwanted behaviors with good behaviors.    Learn Horse Behavior, Horse Psychology, Training/Teaching, Riding Techniques, Relationship Building to teach your horse to be a willing partner on the trail or in the ring.

  • Green Series: May 13, June 10, July 15, August 12, September 9, October 7 
  • Powerful Private Sessions at Your Farm or Ours (Children and Adults)

Call NOW to inquire about joining a Class Series in 2017



If you choose to email, please include your phone number



Have you always wanted to learn Good Horsemanship and Effective Riding Skills, but just never got around to it?

Were you involved with horses as a child or young adult, but stopped to raise a family, pursue a career or for some other reason?

Do you have a desire to spend time with/understand horses, but  fear and anxiety have held you back?

Would you enjoy being involved with horses, like to learn how to be with them, but don’t have a horse?  (no problem – we have a lovely herd just waiting to meet you)

Do you want your child to learn Good Horsemanship and Riding Skills without force and to be as safe as possible?

Have you participated in Workshops or Clinics with so many students that you were barely noticed and did not receive the instruction you hoped to and paid for?

You are not alone  ~  our Program with no more than six students in a Class, as well as Private Sessions, will help you achieve your goals, re-connect you with what you enjoyed in the past, and our sensitive teachers will help you overcome any hesitation due to anxiety.  There is no time like now to make your dreams come true!


Day Class Seminar Portion (1024x768)Day Class Riding (1024x768)

Riding With Friends

Star and Paula

Call RJ or Paula at 413-634-8800 for more information about our School.  We have found the combination of Day Classes and Private Sessions is the BEST Educational Program we offer


If you prefer Private Sessions rather than a Class, we offer that option.  Consult with professional Horseman, RJ Sadowski, 413-335-7151 or 413-634-8800 to speak about a Program best suited for you and your horse to meet your individual needs and attain your goals. 


RJ on Star, Rachelle on Red Cloud

The Chemistry of Connection Retreat Weekend:  June 16-18, 2017 ~ The Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY RJ has guided and coached Tara Bennett-Goleman, best selling author of Emotional Alchemy, in her new release Mind Whispering.  He is participating in a series of Workshops at the Omega Institute, the Garrison Institute and Kripalu. These Workshops are presented by Tara and Dan Goleman and demonstrated by RJ and his horses, Red Cloud and Star. The Workshop explains horse whispering principles, a method for developing a rapport with horses. Together Tara, Dan and RJ will discuss how integrating these principles with training the mind can help free us from self defeating emotional habits. ONE EXAMPLE OF A DEMONSTRATION ~ RJ, developer of HorseMindShip™: connecting with and understanding the horse’s mind, demonstrates with his horse, Star, how you can ride with lightness and feel to create a willing relationship with your horse. The premise of this demonstrations is the building of a willing partner relationship.  In this premise, the relationship has four components:  spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Through an educated approach, RJ demonstrates how you can build a relationship with your horse starting with the spirit of the horse, the mental second, the emotional third, causing the physical to be a given. RJ begins the demonstration by riding his 16 year old gelding named Star. Star is coming along and is well on his way to being considered a “finished” horse. RJ will demonstrate what the horse has learned and what the rider has learned for the two to meet at this advanced level, including which bit is used and why, all on a loose rein.  He explains and highlights the nearly invisible ways in which communication is happening.  For the rider to be mindful and connected, he/she must know what to be mindful of. Using evidence based principles clinically proven techniques, RJ highlights effective  strategies and presents a refreshing guide to mindfully interact with your horse.   If you would like to host a Seminar/Demonstration at your home or barn and receive FREE training with your horse(s), contact us now to reserve a date for the Event.

Please contact RJ or Paula at 413-634-8800 for more information about what we offer or to register as a participant or spectator at any Event