About RJ Sadowski

RJ Sadowski  is more than a Horse Whisperer. He is a true teacher of great Horsemanship and has been helping people and horses for 30 years. He was one of the first Official Trainers for the Mustang Heritage Foundation, is CHA Certified both English and Western, is a MA Licensed Riding Instructor and operates a Licensed Riding School. RJ is a powerful resource for New England horse owners. RJ Sadowski believes it takes five categories of study to be successful with horses.  It is his goal to start each student by teaching basic skills of each category to humans.  Without knowledge, understanding and application of how these areas of skill relate to horses, frustration and risk are inevitable.  These areas of study are:

  • Horsemanship:  Knowing what the horse is feeling about his safety in the environment, your leadership, herd dynamics and new challenges.  Include also horse psychology to know the nature of the individual being one is interacting with and strategies that work.
  • Teaching:  Using horsemanship ability, one determines what exactly the horse is learning and the person knowing how and what to teach the horse what he needs to know for a proper foundation for the rest of his life.
  • Riding Techniques/Instruction:  Rider knows proper use of leg aids, rein positions, weight aids, bio-mechanics and more to be able to effectively prepare the horse to understand what is being asked when mounted.
  • Horse Behavior:  Knowing and reading horse behavior and what it tells us about our horse’s needs.  Using effective techniques and strategies to develop a meaningful relationship with a horse.
  • Horse Psychology:  Learning how to recognize opportunities to help our horse want to learn and strategies to develop willing participation in a relationship with us.

After having traveled around the USA to spend time with the world’s most famous and accomplished names in the world of Horsemanship, RJ has developed his own brand and philosophy:  Horse-Mind-Ship™, the next evolutionary phase of natural horsemanship without the need to say “natural”.